Not just any garden table

What suits you best?

A small table or a large one?
A table that will provide you with the option to place a parasol in the centre?
A table with a concrete top or would you prefer one of wood?
A table with a stainless steel frame or one of thermally galvanised steel?

Pick one. Compare the price and make up your own table.

Make up your own sparx garden table

Make up your own garden table following the steps below. First, select the material and size of your table.

You can also order a complete garden set or garden bench on its own.

Small or large

The sides of the small table measure about 1.6 metres making it suitable for 6 persons maximum. The sides of the large table measure about 2 metres making it suitable for 9 persons maximum.

6 pers. (1.6 m)
9 pers. (2 m)

Material frame

The table consists of a metal frame and a tabletop. You can opt for thermally galvanised steel or stainless steel for the frame. Both steel varieties require minimal maintenance.

Thermally galvanised
Stainless steel

Material tabletop

You can either go for douglas or concrete for the tabletop. All concrete parts are cast in one batch to prevent a difference in colour. Douglas wood will discolour in due course.

Douglas - oiled

Hole in tabletop

If you want, the tabletop can be fitted with an opening at the centre for a parasol (ø 5 cm). Other diameters, e.g. for a tree (max. ø 20 cm), are available on request.

ø 5 cm

Your garden table

Prices and products are only available on request due to the frequently changing purchase prices.

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