SPARX Standing tables

The SPARX standing tables are ideal to gather around while enjoying each other's company.

Its triangular shape not only makes it easy to reach everything on it, it also ensures everlasting stability.

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Make up your own SPARX standing table

You can make up your own standing table following the steps below.

Size tabletop

The standard table comes with a tabletop that has 3 sides of 1 metre each. You can also order a standing table with a top with sides of 1.2 metres each.

1 metre
1.2 metre

Material steel frame

You could opt for thermally galvanised steel or stainless steel for your table and bench frames. Both steel varieties require minimal maintenance.

Thermally galvanised
Stainless steel

Material tabletop

The tabletop of our Standing tables are made of douglas wood. The douglas wood will discolour in due course.

In addition to douglas, other materials are available on request.

Douglas - oiled



Your standing table

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